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About Melenee

I love recruitment.

With 20 years of recruitment experience and 10+ years retail experience, I think it’s safe to say I’ve found my passion. My job now is to help you find yours.

I believe that Recruiting is Selling – I sell the business and job to the candidate, then I sell the candidate to the hiring manager. I find that the best way to sell something, whether it’s a candidate, a job or a company, is to understand what or who I’m selling inside and out.

Sure, skill sets and talents can be learned and refined but being a good salesperson with integrity and passion is something you must be born with.

My expertise lies in honing these skills for my clients, who otherwise don’t have the means (or experience) to do it themselves. In addition, being a neurodivergent person - I offer diverse support and understanding to those who are unique, different, and passionate...

"I've always felt salespeople are born - They are not made."
Some of My Proudest Accomplishments

At an evolving food company, I managed the recruitment of 38 revolving open jobs for 14 hiring managers, ranging from Manufacturing / Plant Supervisors to all levels of Corporate office employees. I maintained an average of 7 – 9 hires per month, for over 2 years.

I worked with an individual who had tremendous success at a well-established retail company in NYC. While his resume was filled with great projects and accomplishments, they very much spoke to the retail business. Because he was relocating to a state that isn’t known as a mecca for retail companies, I was challenged with creating a resume where his skills would be able to speak to several industries, as well as get him to the next level of his career (Manager to Director).

Mission accomplished! He landed a great role as an HR Director.

I’ve recreated a college relations program for a large department store. Helped it grow from 3 to 8 regions hiring upwards of 120 recent college graduates and 55 interns yearly.

My Education

As a National Recruiter, I took a boutique store from 38 locations to 110 stores and helped grow the corporate office and distribution center from 55 employees to over 100 - Ultimately managing an open to hire of 55-110 employees annually.

During 6 months at a tech startup I hired 20 employees, all for newly created positions. 10 of these new hires came with diverse backgrounds and 7 were women. I was also able to make a tremendous impact on the candidate and new hire experience which is reflected in company’s Glassdoor review; in 9 months the average score went from 3.3 to 3.9

In looking to fill an HR Coordinator for my own team I reached out to a former Intern who had intentions on going into Social Services. Not only did I have a honest heart to heart about how a career in HR can be just as rewarding and challenging as a career in Social Services - but I then had to sell her transferable skills, potential and cultural add to my Manager. In the end it was a win - win hire! Our former Intern went on to have a fruitful career in Human Resources.

I feel it’s important to note, for both my own integrity and your full understanding of who I am as a person - and as your potential consultant - that I am a graduate of my own determination, power and self-study. I did not attend college or technically complete my high school education (the Board of Ed. will not release my GED scores – but that’s a story for my book of memoirs!).


Although some might say this makes me less qualified, it has been the driving force which has pushed me to learn more, stretch my skills and expand my knowledge-base within the industry.

Now, with 20 years industry experience behind me, I am confident that my lack of “traditional” education only makes me more qualified to speak to both sides of the fence.

Presenter and Moderator for Diversity;

the Business Case

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I am also...
LinkedIN Certified
Airs Certified

Workplace Violence Awareness and Prevention Class Certified

  • Trained Non-Skating Official and WFTDA Rinxter Manager

  • Trained Macy’s Balloon Handler

  • Trainer for Macy’s Clown and Float Camp

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