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Many, many, sadly too many, HR people don't go beyond the basic keywords or go

beyond format or font (damn that hurt to write).

I am here to help you find the next path in your career. I can give you insights into what is happening on the other side

(the recruiter's side, the hiring manager's side, the business side)

and then guide you on how to avoid and overcome these obstacles.

I offer a variety of à la carte freelance services that, when utilized in conjunction with one another,

will leave you armed with everything you need to leave your mark! 

Update and reformat your resume, tailored specifically to your skills and / or desired career change

Profile updating, networking skills and relevancy training so that you're perfectly poised for your next move

You got this...

Applying for the job you want, not just the job that's posted

Put me in, Coach

Strategy training and practice for multiple interview styles

Let's make a Deal

Understanding your Pros & Cons; negotiation skills to get you the overall best package 

Services range from candidate sourcing to interview skills training and recruitment process and implementation

I can work with individuals. . . 
  • Who are mid-swing, career wise

  • To review what your transferable skills are, how your skills are transferable to a new career path, or how to make your resume attractive in a new industry or unrelated role.

  • To guide you on how to format your resume and online profile so that it is relevant and appealing, help you prepare for Phone, Video, 1st, 2nd, and Final interviews, walk you through follow-ups and thank yous, as well as negotiating your best compensation package.

I can work with small to medium sized businesses. . . 
  • Who need to establish a recruitment process

  • To partner with HR and Marketing to develop an active employer brand

  • To train managers on recruiting skills and proper interview questions (Do's and Don'ts)

  • Collaborating with HR and Talent Acquisition on sourcing techniques (e.g Boolean) using various resume databases including Linked In as well as resume selection

  • To create intriguing interview questions that address pre-determined attributes and enhance culture add for the business and the role

  • To research and implement a scalable Applicant Tracking System   

  • To help kick off a best practice recruitment plan that includes managing and enhancing the candidate experience

FREE 20 minute consultation

Services start at $125

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