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Professional Recruitment Services

See what my clients are saying...

"While hiring for many hiring mangers, Melenee was able to take the time to understand the needs I was trying to fulfill within my team, and provided strong candidates that have been very successful on my team. Beyond that, she takes the time to ensure a successful process, prepping all candidates in person with a warm personality, and ensures all needed resources are taken care of for a smooth process on interview day. "

- Logistics Director of Planning & Projects

"I was fortunate to have met Melenee at the very start of my career... She has this uncanny ability to see people for what they really are and all that they can be ... [and] goes beyond the resume and the obvious elements to help candidates reach their highest potential. Her coaching style is thoughtful, extremely practical and she pushes you to push your own limits. Her approach isn't "one size fits all". She takes the time to get to know the core of the person tailoring her approach all the way to the person in front of her."

- Buyer
- Head of Business Development & Sales

"Melenee has the skills to help a hiring manager create a profile, has that sixth sense to look beyond a resume, finds brilliant candidates and knows how to close. She also is patient and knows how to time communication. Without Melenee I would not have the brilliant team I have today."

"As an out-of-the-box thinker, Melenee has a great eye for talent and an excellent ability to match the right people with the right job requirements . . . In addition to offering candidates with direct experience, Melenee often brought candidates to me with varied backgrounds that I would not have otherwise considered."

"Melenee was intrepid! She knew what needed to be done and acted without fear because she was uniquely able to smooth the turbulent waters of L'Occitane management while steering a clear and steady path. "

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